EZGO completed its IPO and successfully listed on NASDAQ
26 Jan, 2021
EZGO completed its IPO on January 26, 2021, and began to be listed on NASDAQ in the United States, becoming a public company listed in the United States. January 26 is a milestone in the company's development history.
City leaders, district leaders and leaders of the park management committee participated in our listing ceremony. Shareholders, representatives of investors, industry friends, representatives of new and old suppliers, and media friends gathered to cheer for EZGO, Dilang and century bird.
Jianhui Ye Chief Executive Officer and Director
Our company adheres to honest management, attaches importance to product innovation, builds internal control system, builds new business model, and promotes the continuous development and growth of the enterprise with forward-looking vision and strategic thinking. The company's IPO on NASDAQ is not only a leap from product management to capital operation, but also a new starting point for the practice of enterprise development strategy.
Listed companies provide good opportunities for the development of enterprises, opportunities also mean challenges. Only by constantly challenging ourselves and realizing self transcendence can we win new opportunities.
EZGO will seize the opportunity and seize the opportunity. According to the requirements of establishing modern enterprise system, it will further strengthen the reform, expand the market with high quality service, win customers with honest operation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises with technological innovation, and strive to become an influential and well-known enterprise in the industry!