company history

          We commenced lithium battery pouch cell manufacture in May 2014 through Hengmao Power Battery and were one of the earliest private enterprises to manufacture lithium battery pouch cell in China. We established a mature lithium battery production process in a facility of approximately 15,000 square meters (approximately 161,460 square feet), equipped with four high-capacity lithium battery cell production lines and an annual production capacity of 100 million Ah lithium battery cells. However, due to changes in the Chinese government’s energy subsidy policies, and the concentration of industrial production capacity in a few leading companies in China, competition in the lithium battery industry intensified. As a result, we gradually shifted our focus from lithium battery cell manufacturing to battery packing since October 2018. We launched our lithium battery rental business in January 2017. In October 2018, we decided to make a strategic shift from battery cell manufacturing to focus on the packing and sale of lithium batteries and the rental of lithium batteries and e-bicycles. In August 2018, we established Yizhiying IoT to develop and manage our IoT platform. Through Yizhiying IoT, we have continued to upgrade and enhance our IoT operating platform.

          On July 30, 2019, we established Jiangsu Baozhe as a holding and management company, holding 80.87% of the equity of Hengmao Power Battery (the remaining equity being owned by two institutional investors) and 100% of the equity of Yizhiying IoT. On September 6, 2019, we decided to cooperate with Jiangsu Cenbird.

          To further complete our e-bicycle product and services ecosystem, we began developing our own smart charging piles under the brand named “Hengdian” in November 2018.In December 2019, we received a certificate of quality control issued by the Wuxi Institute for Product Quality Inspection for our smart charging piles. Our smart charging piles satisfy the highest electric spark fire protection standards that are obtainable in the PRC, IoT smart control capability, which allows us to remotely monitor the charging status of each port, and a broad voltage range, and can be used to charge e-bicycles, mobile phones and laptops.