why jion us

          We hope to transform ourselves in the next five years (between 2021 to 2025) into a well-regarded e-bicycle manufacturing, sales and service company with a market share of at least 1% in the e-bicycle industry in China, representing no less than an annual sales volume of 350,000 units by the end of 2025. Over that time period, we plan to build our sales and service network in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration area, the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan area, the Zhujiang River Delta metropolitan area and several inland central cities, such as Chengdu, Xi’an and Zhengzhou, and to deploy 10,000 smart charging piles. We expect to achieve these goals by leveraging our manufacturing experience, our expanded product portfolio, our power battery resources and IoT technology.

          In the near term, we plan to maintain our lithium battery assembly and sales business and expand our lithium battery and e-bicycle rental business. Currently, our rental business is based in Changzhou, Wenzhou and Wuhu cities. We plan to expand the business to Wuxi, Foshan, Xuzhou, Chengdu and other cities. We also plan to implement installment purchase plans with the help of consumer finance solutions provided by financial institutions in 2021. In addition to our e-bicycles, we will also promote Cenbird’s e-bicycles. Once transitioned to us, we plan to continue to market and sell Cenbird e-bicycles (e-scooter) in the United States, Brazil, Israel, Southeast Asia countries and Europe. Furthermore, we plan to launch our online 4S maintenance services. In our smart charging pile business, we expect to provide hardware to franchisees with whom we enter into co-investment and income-sharing arrangements, and engage in self-operation. We will upgrade our smart charging piles partially with LCD screens, which could allow us to generate advertisement income in the future. By the end of 2020, we expect to deploy and install 5,000 smart charging piles, mainly in or adjacent to various stores, stands, parks and e-bicycle parking lots, many of which are located in basements of buildings.

          Eventually, we plan to build a short-distance IoT transportation network that integrates sales, rental, charging, battery exchanges and other maintenance service to provide short-distance commuters with comprehensive e-bicycle products and services, an ecological chain from manufacturing to sales to rentals to charging and maintenance. In the long term, we aim to becoming a leading domestic short-distance transportation solutions provider in China.